Business Medical Insurance

The VLH Process


Learn about your Company

  • Do you have specific needs or budget?
  • Any employees who need unqiue coverage?
  • Any issues you’ve had with your current coverage?
  • Have you explored a dual option with base plan and ‘buy-up’ plan for your employees to choose?
  • Do you feel like you are paying too much?

Quoting Process

  • We first need the census information from you
  • The census information is provided to each carrier, association, and trust to provide pricing and quotes for the medical insurance.
  • Some carriers return quotes immediately while other carriers take weeks.
  • If there are changes to census during this process, the pricing will change until the census is locked in.
  • Get a quote today

What a Medical comparison looks like

  • Click the picture to gain a closer look
  • As you can see, VLH was able to save this BBQ restaurant in Bellevue 19% on their medical benefits with 6 employees.
  • We will shop the market for your business
  • In this example, this restaurant was able to save over $400 a month by moving to a trust plan. (click the picture to get a closer look)
  • It’s important to review all your options and VLH can help!
  • Start your comparison now

Review Ancillary coverage

  • To ensure the benefits package offered is well rounded, a comparison on Dental, Vision, Life, Short & Long Term disability will be provided.
  • We can discuss whether these added benefits would be voluntary or employer paid
  • We can make the benefits available to employees without an employer contribution.
  • We can show you the differences in coverage between carriers

Open Enrollment & Benefits Presentation

  • Upon selecting a plan, we will provide benefits presentations for your employees and team.
  • Presentation will occur at your workplace on your schedule
  • Individual employee consultations available
  • Virtual benefits presentation with Zoom/Teams can also be scheduled.
  • Virtual presentation can be recorded and saved for future new hire employees during their initial open enrollment orientation during the year.
  • Follow up and on-call assistance available all year around

Ongoing services and administrative assistance

  • We stick with you to add and remove employees as your business needs evolve
  • We answer all employee questions that may be more private and personal
  • We manage any intricate claims and/or prior authorizations for your employee
  • We will be your HR department for COBRA, compliance, terminations, and new hires!

Annual Renewal Process

  • The renewal process comes once a year and our main objective is to ensure there is plenty of time for any changes without disruption of coverage
  • A timeline will be created to ensure transparency put: (click image to view the timeline)
  • Renewals are released by the carrier 60 days prior to your effective date
  • Our process begins 90 days prior to your renewal date to ensure we have time to address coverage issues and everything else pertaining to step 1.

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