Premera Blue Cross

Plans for small businesses (1-50 Employees) that help them achieve the right balance of access and cost, while preserving the benefits of having a BlueCard. Premera features traditional PPO plans, as well as tax-advantaged, HSA-qualified options. Adult vision may also be included with any medical plan.

Premera Blue Cross of Alaska

The largest health plan in the Pacific Northwest, Premera Blue Cross of Alaska provides comprehensive, tailored services to customers in Washington and Alaska. They deliver wellness and prevention, disease management, and patient safety through health, life, vision, dental, stop-loss, disability, and workforce wellness products and services.

Regence Blue Shield

Regence Blue Shield delivers 24 plans for businesses in Washington. Regence Blue Shield allows an employer to offer up to 5 different plan designs to ensure employees are getting the coverage they desire. Regence plans can be a perfect fit for small group organizations (1-50).

Kaiser Permanente

Featuring plan flexibility for the busy entrepreneur, Kaiser Permanente focuses on giving the right tools and resources to manage health care dollars. Offering a PPO plan with the First Choice Health Network will allow your employees to be healthier and happier giving them the freedom of care.

AWB ( Association Of Washington Business )

The AWB HealthChoice Health Plan has proven to be one of the most outstanding values in the market today for Washington State businesses. All AWB members with two or more employees are eligible to participate in plans with deductibles ranging from $500-6,000 or Health Savings Account (HSA) plans with deductibles varying from $1,700-3,500. AWB HealthChoice provides coverage with a Premera Blue Cross plan allowing you the freedom of obtain care in the largest PPO network in WA.

United Healthcare

For staffs of 2 to 50, UnitedHealthcare has a variety of group coverage options for businesses in Washington. All plans have Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and Disability options.

WTIA ( Washington Technology Industry Association )

Washington Technology Industry Association provides it’s members coverage that are a part of the Technology industry. Offering one consolidated bill for all your benefits; medical, dental, vision, life & employee assistance programs. WTIA allows you to build your company while they build your benefits program. WTIA utilizes Premera Blue Cross as it’s carrier with deductibles as low as $100.00

HIHIT ( Hospitality Industry Health Insurance Trust )

As a member of HIHIT and being directly involved in the hospitality industry, you have access to a variety of tailored benefit plans to suite your business. Plans can be adjusted to include supplemental life insurance benefits as well. HIHIT utilizes Kaiser Permanente as it’s medical carrier.

WAHIT ( Washington Alliance for Healthcare Insurance Trust )

WAHIT has a simple goal: to provide comprehensive, affordable healthcare benefits to small businesses in the Pacific Northwest. By pooling a large number of participating employers, they are able to negotiate and arrange group insurance contracts at affordable prices.

WFB Healthcare ( Washington Farm Bureau Healthcare Trust )

If your business revoles around the farming industry, WFB Healthcare is pleased to offer participating employers with two or more employees the opportunity to purchase comprehensive employee benefits. Their programs are tailored to a company’s specific needs and fully insured by best-in-class carriers.

Vigilant Manufacturers’ Trust

For Washington State manufacturing industry employers, Vigilant Manufacturers’ Trust provides high quality, affordable employee benefits programs. Groups may choose from several medical plan options underwritten by Premera Blue Cross, with ancillary benefits through Delta Dental, vision with VSP, and life/AD&D through LifeMap Assurance Company.

WAIA Health Trust ( Washington Automotive Industry Association )

WAIA works with the best carriers available to assure their members access to the healthcare excellence they deserve. Available benefits to consider: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability.

Northwest Automotive Trades Association

An Automotive Association Providing Benefits and Services to Our Members in Oregon and Southwest Washington

Evergreen Security Trust

Evergreen Security Trust (EST) has partnered with Regence BlueShield and Asuris Northwest Health to provide groups a comprehensive benefit program known as Northwest Employers Marketplace (NWEM). With NWEM, community-rated medical plans are paired with EST’s ancillary benefits.

WCIF ( Washington Counties Insurance Fund )

Serving Washington State since 1958, WCIF is a public sector non-profit multiple employer health and welfare trust. WCIF was formed to pool the cost of employee benefits for counties, taxing districts, and special purpose districts throughout the state and offers a variety of healthcare companies to find the right program for your company.

WHIT ( Western Healthcare Insurance Trust )

Pacific Northwest companies in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Montana can count on WHIT to provide outstanding, competitive benefit plans.

ALLtech (Health Alliance for Technology)

ALLtech is a true group-benefit trust serving the technology community. The trust has arranged group insurance contracts with select providers to provide a complete list of healthcare and ancillary benefits options.

Business Health Trust

The objective to provide affordable health insurance for small businesses in Washington State has been solved by Business Health Trust. They have strong partnerships with Premera Blue Cross and Kaizer Permanente that give companies the power to supply their employees with the benefits they deserve.


Onmitrade is a benefit trust offering coverage through the Clean Tech Alliance.

Northwest Benefit Alliance


Kavi Marketplace


National General

Offering a realistic approach to employee health benefits, National General gives their clients a partially self-funded approach to healthcare and still providing extra coverage options for extra added financial protection. This partially self-funded approach provides small to mid-sized employers with healthcare options previously only available to large employers.

Eastside Health Network

If you are a doctor or affiliated with being a provider for Overlake or Evergreen clinics, you would be eligible to pursue a quote through EHN. The goal of Eastside Health Network is to furnish your employees with high-quality care and exceptional patient experience at a lower overall cost. EHN utilizes Premera Blue Cross as it’s carrier.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental’s small group plans and options give valuable benefits to help attract and retain employees while effectively managing costs. With a focus on prevention and designed to minimize barriers to care, Delta Dental has the largest directly-contracted dental network in Washington State.

Dental Health Services

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When employees need their income protected, MetLife assists with products and service solutions to help replace a portion of income until they can return to work.

Reliance Standard

One in three Americans will have a disability that will prevent them working for 90 days or longer. One in seven can expect to be disabled five years or more. Reliance Standards flexible Group Long Term Disability Income plans are an excellent way to offer valuable income protection to your employees at an affordable cost.

The Hartford

The Hartford can help employees protect their incomes and rebuild their lives after unexpected events with Group Disability Insurance. Products include a broad variety of absence management and claims support services designed to streamline administration, ease claims process, and get employees back to work as soon as is reasonably possible.


With the largest network of independent doctors, 1 in 4 Americans have discovered the value of a VSP Individual Visions Plan.

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